Financial inclusion, micro-finance, participative management of natural resources.
Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR, an emerging priority.
We've worked with international agencies as well as Indian organisations
(details) for over 20 years (assignments).
We believe that It is
not lack of ideas or knowledge or even resources that stands in the way of eradicating poverty.
The problem is with institutions; with service delivery at the front-line, with leaders to make things happen, with
We emphasize
    Maximising impact with available resources, measurable impact, accounting for externalities, evidence of
    Working with people, dynamic and responsive stakeholder management
    Methodological rigour, logical links from inputs to processes to impact
    Organisational hygiene, matrix structure, discipline, coordination
    Simple heuristics, analytics, stochastic decision support
    Micro-level feedback loops for homeostasis and dialectical learning through networked databases
    Logistics, statutory compliance, analytical accounting

We would be happy to work with anyone, especially corporates, NGO and charitable organisations.
    ready to face up to harsh realities
    who can ask and seek answers to tough questions
    whose priorities go beyond funding and spending, self-congratulation and publicity.
We're searching for a very small number of organisations to work with, serious people interested in challenges.

Any good relationship starts small.  We would be happy to spend the time and effort needed for us to get to know you.
We could work with you in
several ways.  To contact us, send us a message: click

We do not solicit funds; for ourselves or for others.
We do not do cosmetics.
Cirrus Management Services Private Limited
06 Jun 14 10:00

Banks, NBFCs, MFIs
charitable institutions
international aid agencies
government agencies

micro-finance & risk management
education, health, livelihoods
small-holder farming, livestock
post-harvest value addition
reaching markets, consumers
social enterprise
  • Reaching the poorest, remotest
  • Innovative Service Delivery: high quality, low cost, professionally managed
  • Impact with independently verifiable evidence
  • Scale: large populations, across the country
Synergy for socio-economic change.
a company registered in Bangalore, India